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The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "A servant of God will remain standing on the Day of Judgment until he is questioned about his (time on earth) and how he used it; about his knowledge and how he utilized it; about his wealth and from where he acquired it and in what (activities) he spent it; and about his body and how he used it." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 148

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Will Reblogging Again


Setelah sekian lama tak update blog, finally hari ni terbuka hati nak update blog. Entah kenapa.
Banyak entry blog dah revert to draft. Ada yang dah delete especiallt the immature entry.

Grr.. bila baca balik entry lama,segan malu yang amat. Entah apa apa.

Lastest update pasal saya?

I'm now a matriculation student. KMNS student. Alhamdulillah dapat fast track. SPM result? Not that good. Cukup cukup makan je.

Less then a month, i will sit for my final exam. A month to go, I'll be KMNS alumni. Yahoooo ! Can't wait that moment.

Ouh.. the purpose I update the blog is.... I'll reblogging again.

Just wait my update after final

Nota cinta : 20 April will be my final exam. 28 April will be last paper. So, wait for my updates reader[s] :*

Assalamualaikum !
Show me RIGHT from WRONG .
Indeed , I'm a learner =)