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Thursday, 9 April 2015

#BloggerTalk | 5 Heaven Things about My Hometown

Assalamualaikum !

Saya cuba menahan diri untuk tidak mengupdate blog memandangkan exam just around the corner. Somehow, I can't hold it back 'cause I longing Terengganu so much. As I'm study at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. I miss every single things in Terengganu. There are too much special things there. So, I will highlight 5 of them.

1. Beach

I love beach. Love it picturesque scenery. It clear crystal water. It harmony melody created by a wave that hit the beach.  It blue sky seemed nearer to horizon. The combination of ocean and blue sky make it superb amazing ! Like seriously, Terengganu have a the most eye-catching beach. The sand are smooth and I can merrily bergolek-golek like Hindustan movie.

Picture from family whatsapp group.

This picture about 2 or 3 years ago. My favourite port. The place where I release my stress. Pour out my problem to the close friend. The place when I celebrating my happiness :)

Kejar anak ketam !

One more thing, I love to been at the beach after performing my subuh prayer. I can see the sunrise. The morning's sunrise was a breathtaking display of radiant colours. 

2. Keropok 

Keropok lekor is the local food of Terengganu. Coming here will never complete if you not having keropok lekor. You maybe familiar with keropok losong, keropok, keropok lekor and keropok kering. Actually, we not have that kind of keropok, we also have cheese keropok, keropok sira verlada, keropok sira bermadu sort of. Why pour keropok are special compare other? Because it taste. It sauce (you'll never see the sauce at other place). The juiciness are undeniable. 

So, where are my favourite keropok stall? First, there are no stall better than my mom made. Heeee. Apart of that, I got a few favourite stall. They are not so popular among the tourist. 

The stall located at

1. Bukit Payung (not sure the stall name)
2. Nearby SK Teluk Ketapang, nearby Lorong Pantai, Teluk Ketapang
3. Bukit Tumbuh, Jalan Lapangan Terbang (Keropok Mak Adek)
4. Seberang Takir (Keropok Makcik Sebakul)

For your information, keropok lekor already have in vacuum pack version. So, you can bought it in large number because it extend the duration the keropok to be rotten.

3. Pasar Kedai Payang & Bazaar Warisan

What are the specials of both places? For Pasar Kedai Payang got 2 floor. The first floor, you can find the food. Fresh food. Dry food. Fruits. Even keropok lekor also. Oh ya, we have telur penyu too. For instant, mostly terengganu local food are there.

The second floor, there are food court (old version one) and clothing part. It consists of silk, baju batik, t-shirt and so on. Terengganu silk get high demand from outsiders cause of it best quality.

At bazaar warisan are mostly focus on silk and batik. Oh ya, we also have nice kaftan. It the best choice to give to relative as souvenir.

4. ICT

ICT is stand for Ikan Celup Tepung. Actually, it's not only ikan been celup tepung. Generally, it are the seafood. The ICT that visited by Jalan Jalan Cari Makan was Pak Nong's. We called it Kedai Sotong Gunting ! Jyeahh. Pak Nong's ICT is a famous one.

5. The Unique Bus

Have you ever heard Bas Rumah? Bas Keranda? Bas Bandar?

So, here the bus. The buses are Cas Ligas. The those name given due to its design. 

I think that's all from me. So... What are you waiting for? Vote lah gathering ke Terengganu !!!!! :D

 Show me RIGHT from WRONG . Indeed , I'm a learner =)