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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Muhammad Firdaus in Memory

Assalamualaikum w.b.t =)

A few day ago , I was asked my friend "what date is today?" for many times . I think there was an important date on early October . i' try to remind what is it ? but i've no idea until ...............

I found this on my facebook's new feeds. And .. Yes ! this is what the important one . 

Couple years ago , I had read this entry . NaLuRi Seorang WaNiTa . Really didn't realised the tears fall on my face . 

In the wake of released from the sadness , I put up my hand and du'a to Allah for granting this young mother   peace for her . Also du'a to Allah for granting this young mother other baby .

After all , what i'm waiting for ; a baby for Sis Vee and her Hubby , come true ! What i hope COME TRUE . Alhamdulillah ya Allah :)

Muhammad Firdaus ,
Even thought you leave us , but u'll always in our heart . You always in our memory . U've a sister now :) She'll be solehah and qurrata 'ayyun for your parents . In Sha Allah ..

SyaSayss :
For improving my english , updating blog using english languange will be one of the ways besides increasing my reading on the english articles. WHEN I'M WRONG, TELL ME . i'm a learner ^_^

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Qaseh ElyaNas said...

Aduhai fiqa.. Terharunyaaaa sis. Thank you so much dear . Sbb Fiqa dh mcm sbhagian drp my fmly jg :)

Sya Hyo-Sonn said...

most welcome sis =) hope we'll meet firdaus at jannah . In Sha Allah