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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Foodaholics | Kimchi Recipes ; First Try and I love it

Assalamualaikum !

After I perform my Zuhr prayer, I have nothing to do besides study for my test this Saturday. I can't focus anymore. Just pampered myself on the bed. Out of nowhere, I remembered the Napa cabbage that we got free when we bought corns at Cameron Highlands last week. So, I'd tried do the kimchi by own. And yes, this is my first try.

So, after googling, I mix and match the recipes :p

Without wasting any time, here the recipe for you.

Ingredient :

Section A
- A Napa cabbage (Kobis Cina)
- Salt

Section B
- 1/2 Cup of Sweet Rice Flour ( I used Glutinous Rice Flour - tepung pulut. don't know same or not)
- 1/4 Cup of Sugar
- 1 Cup of Fish sauces (make sure halal one)
-  3 Cups of Water

Section C
- An onion *
- 3 Garlics*
- Chili ( I use lada kampung)*
- 2-3 cm of Ginger *
- Baba's Chili Powder
- Chinese Chives

Chinese chives ( Daun Kucai )

Ways of Making :

Section A

1. Detach the Naba Cabbage one by one (You also can cut it into big square) and put it in a suitable container.
2. Put the salt equally to the cabbage and add the water.
3. Put something that can press the cabbage as a cover. ( tudung periuk and lesung also can)
4. Soak it for 4 hours.
5. After 4 hours, toast it until it almost dry.

Section B & C (Kimchi Paste)

1. Mix the section B ingredient
2. Heat and stir it until bubble appear. (The mixture will be viscous)
3. Blend the ingredient in section B that I had mark *
4. Put it in a big container
5. Add the chili powder (as spicy as you wish) and Chinese chives
6. Pour the section B in the container to.
7. Stir the mixture

Fermentation process :

1. Coat the cabbage with the kimchi paste
2. Put it in hermetic container (i use tupperware container)
3. Leave it in room temperature are for bacteria to proceed the anaerobic process
P/s : Anaerobic process can't occur with present of oxygen. So, once you close the container, don't try to open to reduce the exposing to the air (oxygen especially)
4. After 1 day (24 hours), you may place it in fridges to slow down bacterias' activity. You can have the kimchi at least couple days after place it in fridges. If not, you can leave in room temperature for 2 days.

Show me RIGHT from WRONG . Indeed , I'm a learner =)


KeMBaLI™ said...

Salam syaf aka kak syaf...sedap ke makanan korea ney...i is tak suka lar korea-korea neyh,,hehehehe salam singgah

Syaf Ismail said...

kalau syaf buat semestinya sedap ;)