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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tutorial | Cara Meletakkan FanPages Like Box

Good morning readers,

Hye ~ My Lovely Blog,

Hari nie aku nak wat tuto yang kak dieba aku yang comel nie request . Dia ada fanpages but she don't know how to put likes box on her blog. Before that , here is her fanpages "Belog Cik Dieba" ..

So, let's back to the business .. here i'll show you how to put the like box at your blog.

1. Firstly , you must go to ----> Facebook Develoment

2. Then , kindly please choose your likebox style :-

There was numbers 1 to numbers 6 . so , u must this step for number :-

1 - put your fanpages link at there 
2 - put width that suitable for your blog
3 - choose the height that you like
4 - choose colour that you like neither light nor dark
5 - put your code colour that you like
6 - press it to get the code

3. If you put width and height like mine .. you'll get like box like this :-

4. when you press the 'get code' button .. there will pop a window and you must click XFBML . And you will see like this :-

5. After that , you must copy the third one .

6 . Lastly, sign up blog > design > add gadget > HTML/Java Script

then, you all paste la code yang you all copy dekat dia punyer ruang tu .. Thats all .. Selamat mencuba ^^

Nota Dari Arkitek Comel :-
Beta tahu english beta so bad . Tapi beta nak taip jugak in english . Beta kan budak baik . Mestilah berani mencuba ! ^_^
>_< XOXO >_<

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